A typical organization has a number of branches running into hundreds if not thousands spread across regions. The branches run on electricity from the grid and when the grid power is not available, the branches draw power from DG set(s).  One of the worries with respect to these branches is related to expense associated with energy use. It could be electricity consumption or in the form of diesel used in DG set.

Network Energy Monitoring Solution developed by VerveTronics is an IoT system that is installed at branch level to monitor energy consumption and periodically send it to the cloud server.

  • This data is then analysed to gain meaningful and actionable insights.
  • The cloud server software provides following features:
  • Dashboard for monitoring current status of all the branches.
  • Historical data of any branch for comparison over months (different seasons) and over years (last summer Vs this summer). This is excellent tool to estimate every month’s gross energy bill of the organization.
  • Comparative analysis of same size branches to identify top 5 and bottom 5 performers.
  • Comparative analysis of DG sets and litres of diesel needed per unit of energy generated to identify top 5 and bottom 5 performers.
  • Exporting and integrating the data with organizational ERP system such as SAP or any other.


  • Improve operational efficiencies
  •  Prevent unexpected equipment failures
  •  Identify and explain excessive energy use
  • Track usage data and work smarter
  • Easy reporting
  • Comprehensive data visibility
  • Flexible reporting and alerts
  • Monitoring the consumption via Web or Phone
  • Manage energy consumption, rather than accept it as a fixed cost


  • Banking/finance Sector
  • Automotive industries
  • Schools/Colleges
  • Corporate offices

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