Load monitoring is an important issue in the transport sector. Overloading HGVs can do more than damage your vehicles; it can also hit your wallet. Because severe fines can be imposed where overloads of more than two percent are detected during checks, you can avoid such costs by monitoring the weight of your load throughout the loading process. VerveTronics Imagineering’s Remote wheel loader monitoring solution is a simple weighing system designed to provide weight monitoring during loading, provides the answer. This makes it possible to record exact weights and monitor for overload during loading without interrupting the work in progress. Thus, journeys to stationary weighing stations are no longer needed – so avoiding unnecessary and time-consuming detours and delays.


  • Exact weight recording
  • Automatic totalling while loading materials
  • Add-on system with no need for mechanical installation work
  • Prevents overloading and the resulting fines
  • Avoids the need for travel to stationary weighing stations
  • Intuitive operation
  • Very easy installation and adjustment


  • Agriculture & Silage
  • Waste & Recycling
  • Salt & Chemical

  • Reduced risk and enhanced cost control
  • Improvement in mean time to repair — a measurement of repair efficiency
  • Get instant machine breakdown alerts
  • Increase performance and productivity by monitoring work times
  • Reduce maintenance costs with help of preventive maintenance
  • SMS-Emails alerts & notifications

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