Construction sites and their operations are becoming more complex. Requirements for the site organization rise, duties of machine operators grow, time and cost pressures are immense.

VerveTronics Imagineering’s Remote excavator monitoring solution is for construction machines like driver assistance systems for the car: they support and relieve the excavator driver, optimise the workflow and increase productivity as well as the safety on the site. Remote excavator monitoring solution allow a smooth and efficient construction process. Your staff no longer has to reside in the construction zone and can be assigned to other tasks. This significantly increases safety on the construction site, particularly in poorly visible spots. Excavation work can be optimally planned and monitored, which saves you up to 20% of the fuel consumption of your machine. Remote excavator monitoring solution not only increase the productivity but also the profitability of your business. And also optimise the efficiency on the construction site and save time.


  • Simple and fast installation of the system for minimal downtime
  • Clear, continuous control of the working progress from the driver’s cab
  • Manual control measurement is entirely omitted
  • Security on your construction site increases
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Reduced risk and enhanced cost control
  • SMS-Emails alerts & notifications


  • Mining operations
  • construction / infrastructure projects
  • Agriculture & Silage

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