The Dump Trucks are mainly used in large surface mines, and small amount of them used in large quarries and construction site, and match with shovel loaders, electric shovels and excavator, round trip driving and transport materials such as minerals or coal, and it’s the type of off-highway trucks. Because of the huge gross weight and nominal payload capacity of the mining dump truck, and shorter axles, strong power, huge body, complex structure, more slope and bending in the road and harsh working environment, etc. using in surface mines, there are many practical problems such as braking frequently, the shortage of the drivers ranges of visibility and careless improper operation and so on. It also can cause large casualties and equipment damage and bring potential safety hazard and economic losses. Most of accidents are due to the structure characteristic reasons of mining dump truck and the working environment, but 12% of all responsibilities are due to the operators lack of responsibility or improper operation. So it’s necessary to discover the accident reason to avoiding the damage.

VerveTronics Imagineering’s Remote Dump Truck monitoring solution is a simple weighing system designed to provide weight monitoring during loading. The weight is determined using sensors that measure hydraulic pressure in front of and behind the hydraulic cylinder. As the position of the loading truck also makes a difference, its position is also ascertained using slope sensors. The display shows the load being added to the truck and automatically sums up the total amount of material loaded in real time. Remote Dump Truck monitoring solution allow a smooth and efficient construction process. Your staff no longer has to reside in the construction zone and can be assigned to other tasks. This significantly increases safety on the construction site, particularly in poorly visible spots.


  •  Load right on the spot
  • Reduce truck wear on: tires, transmission, engine & bodywork
  • Production Monitoring in real time on your tablet, smart phone or PC
  • Know beforehand the transported cost per ton
  • Track loading efficiency
  • Reduce fuel consumption by preventing overloading
  • SMS-Emails alerts & notifications


  • mining operations
  • construction / infrastructure projects
  • Agriculture & Silage
  • Waste & Recycling

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