IOT – Heavy Material Vehicle Monitoring

Why remote monitoring?

With the development of industries and factories, the demand for Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) is increased as well. The result is,accidents have increased year by year. Heavy vehicle such as Crane, Wheelloader, Excavator, forklift etc. are the commonequipment used in many projects, but it has complicated operation conditions such as high altitude, heavy loads and large rotating radius. In the automobile and construction field lifting and rotation operation, it can easily lead to major accidents. In order to improve working efficiency, such vehicles are often used by dangerous/ violating rules of operations and continuous overload, so it greatly increases the risk of accidents. Even minor problems can lead to shutdowns of several hours, affecting production and disrupting supply chains. Such unplanned shut downs can be difficult to manage, especially if the equipment is situated in hard to access locations.

VerveTronics Imagineering’s Remote monitoring solution uses sensors to assist in collecting data, such as running time, motor starts, work cycles and emergency stops, providing visibility to HGV usage. It also assists in brake and inverter monitoring. The data is transmitted to the Remote Data Centre, where it is compiled and made available on your online customer portal includes:

  • Safety-related issues, such as over-temperatures, attempted overloads and emergency stops
  • operating statistics, such as work cycles and running hours
  • Estimates of remaining Design Working Period (DWP) of selected components, such as the hoist and hoist brake

Safety alerts are delivered automatically by email or text message to notify designated contact personnel of selected safety risk events.

VerveTronics Imagineering’s Remote Monitoring system is a suite of remote service products with software application that brings HGVs operational and conditional data in your hands via cloud from wherever the vehicle is installed. It can monitor the operating state of the vehicle in real time.

The reports include :

  • Safety/Production alerts
  • Machine status
  • Average fuel consumption
  • Average fuel consumption per lifted load
  • Total fuel consumption
  • Traveling distance
  • Average traveling speed
  • Load spectrum
  • Total load lifted
  • Tire pressure monitoring
  • Collision sensors

Applications :

  • Remote Crane Monitoring system
  • Wheel Loader/Excavator Monitoring
  • Diesel generators
  • Forklifts
  • > Trucks

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