Safety Verification & Validation


  • Safety and Reliability Assurance & Management Plan
  • Safety and Reliability Assessment Plan
  • EMC Assurance and Management Plan
  • System Safety Verification and Validation
  • System Documentation Plan and Management Forward and Backward Traceability,
  • Process Gap Analysis, Audits & Improvements,Compliance to safety and quality standards and assistance in certifications

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  • Functional Simulations for Failure Modes and Effects.
  • Hardware Tool Qualifications with TCL Analysis Hardware V&V Gap Analysis & Improvements: Traceability, Static Analysis, Dynamic Analysis, Test Plans & Coverage.

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    • Software Tool Qualifications with TCL Analysis
    • Software Verification and Validation
    • Process Improvements
    • Forward and Backward Traceability,
    • Static Analysis (MISRA Compliance, Deviations Handling)
    • Dynamic Analysis (Code Coverage, MC/DC, Unit Testing,Equivalence Partitioning)
    • Test Plans & Coverage.

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  • Development of Safety Plan as per Safety levels
  • Overall Process and Safety Management Support to reach ASPICE and Safety process  maturity level.
  • Confirmation Review at milestones for Artefacts Safety Audits and Assessments Support
  • Process Automation & Productivity Improvements.

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Reliability Testing

  • Reliability Test Planning
  • Test Fixture Design & Development and Test Automation
  • Highly Accelerated Life Test (HALT)
  • Reliability Demonstration Test (RDT).
  • Reliability Growth Test
  • Accelerated Life Test (ALT)
  • Single Fault Testing(SFT)
  • Degradation ( wear–to- failure) testing
  • Environment Stress screening(ESS)
  • Test Data analysis and Reliability Estimation
  • Design Verification

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