Functional Safety Engineering

Functional Safety for Automotive, Railways, Aerospace, Defence and Medical

New generation automobiles and industrial systems contain more Electric, Electronics, Software and Electro-Mechanical systems than pure mechanical systems. Automotive business is racing towards Electrical, Hybrid and Autonomous Vehicles containing even higher number of electronics control systems ECUs. Because of complex integrated systems Availability, Reliability, Functional Safety, Environmental requirements are of utmost importance to achieve. VerveTronics has in depth experience with team of certified Engineers in working on Safety Critical vehicles from top Automotive OEM’s, Tier-1s in USA, Europe and India. At VerveTronics we work with your team to identify all Reliability, Functional Safety and Environmental requirements, perform the needed activities required to ensure that the system will meet stringent safety and reliability requirements in line with International and product specific standards like IEC61508, ISO 26262, AIAG 2008, ISO25119, ISO13849, DO178, DO 254, CISPR 25,2008, IEC62304, EN 50126,IEC 60068, IEC 68-2-14, etc.

System Safety Services

  • Risk Analysis and Reduction Techniques
  • Detailed Safety Failure Analysis-> Hazard and Risk Analysis HARA, FMEDA, Failure Mode and Effect Analysis FMEA, Fault Trees Analysis FTA
  • Functional Safety Life cycleManagement FSM and assessment.
  • Developing Safety Concept, System Safety Architecture definition.
  • System Safety Requirements Specifications
  • Hardware and software safety requirements
  • Safety Verification and Validation Tools and Techniques.
  • Forward and backward Traceability
  • Process Gap Analysis, Audits & Improvements
  • Compliance to safety and quality standards and assistance in certifications

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Safe Hardware Development Services

  • Hardware Safety Requirements specifications
  • Safe Hardware Architecture (1oo2, 2oo2D, FMEDA, Hardware Fault Accumulation, Latent, Sleeping, Multiple Fault analysis)
  • System Safety Response & fault tolerant FTTI timing requirements
  • Development Techniques and Measures to achieve ASIL / SIL level
  • Detailed Failure Metrics Calculations (FIT, PMHF, PFH, MTTFd, DC)
  • Functional Simulations for Failure Modes and Effects
  • Safety Verification and Validation Tools and Techniques.
  • Hardware Tool Qualifications with TCL Analysis
  • Hardware V&V Gap Analysis & Improvements: Traceability, Static Analysis, Dynamic Analysis, Test Plans & Coverage

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Safe Software Development

  • Software Safety Requirement Specification
  • Software Safety response & timing requirements
  • Software Development Techniques and Measures to achieve SIL level.
  • Safe Communication protocol specifications.
  • Software Tool Qualifications.
  • Software V&V Gap Analysis
  • Process Improvements
  • Traceability,
  • Static Analysis,
  • Dynamic Analysis,
  • Test Plans & Coverage.

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Process & Safety Management Services

  • Gap analysis between Current Customer Process, IEC61508, ISO 26262 and ASPICE Levels
  • Preparing of customized Gap analysis Checklist in align with current Customer process
  • Defining an Efficient Functional Safety Implementation Procedure
  • Preparing Guidelines, Process Documents
  • Making Tool Qualification process with TCL Analysis
  • Development of Safety Plan as per Safety levels
  • Overall Process and Safety Management Support to reach ASPICE and or Safety process maturity level
  • Confirmation Review at milestones for Artefacts
  • Safety Audits and Assessments Support
  • Process Automation & Productivity Improvements

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Safe Mechanical Services

  • Mechanical Safety Requirements specifications
  • Mechanical Fault Exclusion Techniques
  • Design FMEA

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