VerveTronics expertise enables to offer a complete set of software development services from boot loader and device drivers up through the application and user experience levels.

Embedded Application Product development for wide range of products used in the areas of:

  • Defence, Aerospace & Avionics
  • Automotive, Autonomous Driving and Electric Vehicles.
  • Industrial Automation
  • Internet of things

Development of Software layers

  • Application (C, C++, UML, OOAD, Design Patterns, State Machines & Multitasking)
  • Middle Ware (Protocol Stacks, libraries, CAN, Profibus, Modbus)
  • Device drivers (USB, Ethernet, CAN, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, GPSID, UART, SPI, I2C, audio codec, video codec, camera, LCD, SSD, PCIe, SATA, Flash, SDRAM, SD/MMC, SDIO, GPIO, Keypad, A/D, D/A, DRM, PowerVR SGX, OpenVG and OpenGL ES integration, and more)
  • Controller (TI, Analog, Infineon, Renesas, NXP, Atmel, ARM, ARM Cortex, Power PC)
  • RTOS (QNX, VxWorks, SafeRTOS, RTLinux)

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Protocol Stacks

  • Automotive (CAN, J1939, UDS, KWP, LIN, Flexray)
  • Industrial (Modbus, Profibus, Backnet, Profinet, EtherCAT)
  • IOT (MQTT,Websocket, CoAP)
  • Wireless (Bluetooth, Wifi, LORA, Zigbee, Sub1 Mesh, 3G/4G)

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Tools & Technologies

VerveTronics leverages globally proven technology & tools to develop mission critical systems.

  • PLSM/ ALM (JIRA Confluence, PTC Integrity, DOORS, Caliber RM, UML, SysUMLTools)
  • Simulations (Matlab, Simulink, Model Base Development)
  • Design (UML Tools, Enterprise Architect, Rhapsody, Rational Rose)
  • Implementation (Texas CCS, Keil Arm Tools, Eclipse)
  • Unit Testing (CANTATA, Vector CAST, LDRA, Open source UT frameworks)
  • Static Analysis (Lint, PC-Lint, LDRA, PRQA QAC)
  • Integration Testing (Vector CAN, Third Party tools)
  • System Testing (HILs based National Instruments, dsPACE, ETAS or OPAL-RT)
  • Calibration (Third party tools)
  • Project & Config Mgmt. (Rational Clear case/Clear quest/UCM, Tortoise SVN, GIT, Microsoft Project) Build automation (Cruise control)

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Verification & Validation

VerveTronics believes in subjecting the software developed to rigorous testing methodologies to make it field ready. Following Verification and validations techniques are applied

  • Clean Code principles
  • Static and dynamic code analysis (PC-Lint, QAC, Polyspace, Code SONAR)
  • Unit testing (Open source testing frameworks, code coverage testing tools)
  • Integration Testing & System testing using HILs systems
  • Software trace abilities from requirement, design, code and test specifications and reports

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Quality & Standards

VerveTronics is committed to deliver software with highest standards. We have expertise in developing application software as per following standards:

  • ISO/IEC 15504,
  • DO-178B, DO-178C
  • ISO 26262
  • IEC 61508
  • 25119, 13849
  • Medical

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Execution Model

VerveTronics believes in applying proven software development methodologies based on project & customer needs. We have hands on experience on pros/cons on each of the following development approach. The development models we expertise on are:

  • Agile SCRUM
  • Waterfall for proven technologies.
  • Rational Unified process

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