AUTOSAR is becoming increasingly popular and is being widely adopted in passenger & commercial vehicles. It is now being expanded to include even off-road construction & agricultural vehicles.

AUTOSAR plays a pivotal role in the development process and data format to be harmonised with respect to communication protocols and interaction with multiple ECUs in a vehicle network.

VerveTronics have team of certified ASPICE and Functional Safety Engineers. This experience reflects in high quality processes, deliverable and services to our customers. VerveTronics have been partnered with leading OEMs and suppliers, providing services and solutions right from evaluation and assessment to migration strategy and actual implementation of standardised architectures and ECUs.

We have expertise in the development integration and validation of AUTOSAR Basic Software Module (BSW

  • Development: AUTOSAR compliant Basic software modules development
  • Configuration: System Stack Communication Stack Memory Stack I/O Hardware Abstraction Complex Device Driver
  • Integration: AUTOSAR Stack Software integration from the leading tool suppliers
  • Migration: Microcontroller platforms and integration of OEM specific AUTOSAR modules
  • Upgrade: Upgrading of platform software to new AUTOSAR version of specifications
  • Code Analyses: Polyspace QA-C/MISRA
  • In-Vehicle Bus Simulation: Vehicle bus simulation using leading tools suppliers
  • Testing: AUTOSAR module functional & integration testing

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VerveTronics works with industry leading 3rd party AUTOSAR stacks & tool chains, providing complex AUTOSAR integration services for Automotive OEMs and Tier1s.

  • AUTOSAR adoption strategy and impact assessment
  • Migration strategy
  • Platform consultancy
  • AUTOSAR integration
  • MCAL development testing & maintenance
  • Test framework development
  • Authoring tool development
  • Adaptive Platform Application Development Porting and Integration

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Platform Support

  • Development of AUTOSAR BSWs, RTE, and MCAL
  • Development of Complex Device Drivers
  • Development of AUTOSAR configuration tool – customized for seamless integration with customer specific tool chain
  • Customization of existing platform software
  • Upgrading of platform software to new version of specifications
  • Porting of platform software to various micro controller
  • Maintenance of platform software

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Test Frameworks & Test Automation

  • Development of OEM / Tier1 specific test frameworks
  • Maintenance of test frame works
  • ECU platform validation according to the customer specific test frame work
  • Performance Analysis of ECU software
  • Test tool development for testing of AUTOSAR Communication Platform using scripts like CAPL, PERL, Python, Ruby etc.

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AUTOSAR Migration, Integration and Consultancy

  • Migration of Legacy platform software to AUTOSAR
  • Configuration design of AUTOSAR platform
  • Integration of ECU software and Testing
  • AUTOSAR Consultancy and Training

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