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VT-PCM-ENCODER is based on the most advanced FPGA. The standard features are as follows:

  • VT-PCM-TELEMETRY-ENCODER is a Xilinx Spartan 6 FPGA based Electronic Product for high performance PCM Telemetry Encoder application.
  • The product supports data transaction and data processing as per IRIG 106 Standard Protocol.
  • The board can be configured for different parameters and modes.
  • The products PCM Encodes and the analog & digital data and stores in NAND Flash
  • The Windows PC based GUI is used for configuring & retrieving the data from PCM Telemetry Encoder

Technical Features

  • Operation: Stand-Alone Operation for PCM Telemetry Encoding Application.
  • Grade: Industrial Grade PCBs & Components to Sustain Extensive Conditions.
  • Input Interface: Digital & Analog Signals
  • Output Interface: PCM Encoding Interface.
  • On Board Memory: 4GB NAND Flash.
  • Power Supply: 1.2V,3.3V, 5.0V,
  • Power requirement: Approx. 1.0 Watt
  • External Connector: 51 Pin High Density Connectors, Micro D Connector
  • External Interface: One USB, Two RS422 Ports, One RS232 Serial Interface , TTL 5V Inputs, 32 Analog Input 0 to 5V
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