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VerveTronics team of experts work on critical & non critical avionics for Defense & military platforms. We have successfully delivered hardware, FPGA, Firmware, Electrical, Mechanical (In Collaboration) and software solutions for, Missiles, Guided Bombs, Trucks, military aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles.

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VerveTronics is focusing primarily on missile, firing and flight control systems, UAV’s consisting analog, digital, computational intensive, programmable logics, telemetry, data loggers, data acquisition based control and networking products for Aerospace and Defence industry.

VerveTronics associates with leading Defense, Aerospace and Avionics companies, Government Labs to deliver and sustain complex avionics solutions and help them stay competitive in the global market place.

As a leading exclusive provider of engineering services, VerveTronics has built the Aerospace and Defense practice by offering a wide array of solutions customized to the industry. The Practice has end-to-end service capabilities, including engineering design for:

  • Missiles, military aircraft and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV).
  • Flight Navigation, Flight Control Systems, Fire Control systems and Surveillance Systems
  • Power Management Unit,
  • Maintenance Systems,
  • Telemetry, Communication Systems & Data loggers

VerveTronics has expertise in working on :

  • Avionics standard buses such as MIL- 1553B, AFDX, and ARINC-429.
  • Applying standards like MIL-882D, MIL-1629, ARP-4761, ARP-4754, MIL, Mil-HDBK-217F, MIL-810E, DO-160, Mil-461, ARINC etc.
  • Avionics board and FPGA, hardware & software design, development and verification compliant with DO-178B/C, DO-160 & DO-254 standard
  • Verification and Validation as per Safety standards for Airborne applications helping customers achieve CEMILAC certification

VerveTronics has design products that have Qualified CEMILAC certification which enables us to undertake design and development in the following areas of activities – “Design, Development, Verification Validation Capabilities for Airborne Systems, Hardware & Software for Military Airborne Application”

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