VerveTronics Imagineering team has vast expertise on safety critical applications in automotive electronics offering Functional Safety,Reliability, Product design, architecture, product realization and testing & validation services. VerveTronics offers a vast range of product development services for automotive electronics to some of the leading automotive brands worldwide.

VerveTronics Technologies team has worked extensively on designs for automotive electronics and have executed projects in segments like:

Advance Driver Assistance systems (ADAS)

Battery Management System

Body Control Electronics

Restraints & safety Modules

Infotainment, Telematics & Navigation

Comfort and HVAC.

Instrument Clusters

In vehicle diagnostics (OBD)

Steering Wheel Sensors and Actuators.

Autonomous Driving / Mobility

  • Vision Sensors
  • Lane Keeping, Lane Detection
  • Driver Monitoring
  • Obstacle Sensor
  • Close Loop Simulations
  • Sensor Fusion
  • Precision GPS
  • Braking Systems

Electric Vehicles

VerveTronics Team has designed embedded hardware and software design with functional safety for

  • Battery Management Systems
  • Intelligent Fuse and charging systems
  • Intelligent High-Power chargers, Super capacitors

Precision Navigation

VerveTronics Team has developed AVARE IOT platform for precision agriculture with embedded hardware , Software and Cloud platform algorithms for

  • Route Planning
  • Route Following, reroute and tracking
  • Obstacle filtering and detection
  • Precision Centimetre level accuracy GPS

Connected Vehicles

VerveTronics team acknowledges security in key challenge in connected vehicles and has experience in

  • Secure Encrypted Wireless Communication.
  • Diagnostics
  • Remote and Secure Over the air upgrade OTA
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Remote Vehicle Monitoring

Functional Safety

VerveTronics has TUV certified functional safety engineers with proven experience in safety Applications up-to ASIL D for

  • Functional Safety Life Cycle Management
  • Hazard and Risk Analysis, Safety Goals
  • Functional Safety and Technical Safety Requirement Specifications
  • Safe Hardware Development
  • Safe Software Development
  • Safe Mechanical Development
  • Safe Process and Quality Improvement
  • Safety Assessments
  • Verification and Validation

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