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VerveTronics has created a niche for itself in Industrial automation domain. We have focused and specialized product development services in the area of Industrial Sensors, Motion controllers, protection relays, Integrated PLCs and HMI panels. We also execute projects in real time product development using variety of operating systems such as Embedded Linux, WinCE, VCRT, QNX etc.
We support PC software development, Embedded Software development, Board support packages, Porting and validation for the following product lines:
a. Device Drivers and Industrial Board Support Packages:
c. Digital Signal Processing:
d. PLC
e. Motion Control (distance, position, velocity of Servo & Stepper Motors, incremental encoders, linear encoders)
f. Communication Protocol Stacks (Modbus, Profibus, Industrial Ethernet, Interbus, and CAN, J1939, KWP)

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